Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday Takeover: Mohima Farchu

Hello my Frooti Beauties! 
This weeks Tuesday Takeover is from Mohima who I discovered through Instagram with her stunning looks and honest reviews.
I hope you guys enjoy her review today, don't forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

Illamasqua Gel Colour - Fluster

Hi Guys! Thanks to Safiyah for letting me do the Tuesday Takeover blog post. I love a good natter about all things makeup so I'm going to get stuck in straight away!
Today I'll be reviewing Illamasqua's new Gel Colour cheek tint. These come in stick form and provide an instant flush of colour to your complexion.
Now let me just take a moment to tell you that I love Illamasqua. Anyone who follows me on social media knows I harp on about them all day, everyday. They always think outside the box and keep it interesting. When I saw this product launch I wanted it immediately!

The Gel Colours include two shades, Charm (Apricot) & Fluster (Pink). I will be reviewing the latter. There is also a contour colour, referred to as Gel Sculpt, in the shade Silhouette.

When I received the product via post I was already flapping because the packaging is so cute. It's compact and fits in the palm of your hand. It has a sturdy plastic casing with 'Illamasqua' printed across the lid.
I also appreciate that the product label on the bottom matches the actual product shade! For makeup lovers or my fellow MUAs, this is really handy when picking it out of your makeup collection/kit.

When you pop off the lid there is a smaller clear lid that covers the twist up, this keeps the gel from drying out. So make sure you don't accidentally throw that out.

Onto the formula! When applying, it gives a cooling sensation and feels almost a tad wet but it dries to a satin/skin finish. It blends effortlessly and is extremely smooth. It also features a delicate floral scent, though it isn't noticeable when you wear it.
The shade 'Fluster' looks like a rich raspberry pink tone in the tube, but it actually translates as a delicate pink (which is what the shade is described as by Illamasqua). I think the name and description fits this product perfectly!

Due to the sheer colour payoff, it will translate differently depending on your skin tone and note, this shows up really well across the board! I love this for deep skins in particular because it looks more intense but still natural.
For your benefit I decided to pin down my little brother and swatch this on his arm (for reference, he would be a MAC NW45). He is still suffering the trauma from his early years where I convinced him that blue eyeshadow is for boys. I followed through and managed to do a bright blue look, lashes and liner included lol.

I have also swatched this on my own arm and my skin tone is MAC NC35 - uh excuse the hairs coming through on my arm!

I think this is very easy to apply either with fingers where you tap it on or with a brush. It's quite sheer but buildable and doesn't get patchy. Personally, I love this for a fresh face/no makeup look and I found that my Real Techniques blush brush applied this perfectly. It didn't cling to dry patches nor did it highlight pores.

At £22 I was initially quite dubious, would it live up to the price? After a one week test run, I think it does. It lasted a good 5 hours on the skin with nothing underneath and longer over foundation and/or layered with a powder blush. 

With regards to the other shades, I will be purchasing the contour colour in Silhouette! It's such a great alternative to using heavy contour products and would make contouring a breeze for everyday looks. If you are a beginner or want a sheer and slightly buildable coverage, I highly recommend these products! 

If you are still in doubt, Illamasqua's YouTube account has a video to demonstrate the products and their unique application technique. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried this product? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!


Friday, 15 May 2015

FFF: Illamasqua Fervent & Static Pigment Makeup Look

It's been a while since I've done a makeup look so I got down to doing one after Illamasqua kindly sent me some products I was itching to use (check my interview with them from last month here).
I love the pigment Fervent that I was sent and following the last post by Halima I was dying to use my Static iridescent pigment so I thought hey why not try them together? Check out how it turned out below!

Products used:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown
Motives shadows: Heavy Metal (main eyelid), Whipped Cream (highlight), Cappuccino (crease), Onyx (outer corner/crease)
Illamasqua Pure Pigments in Fervent & Static
• NYX Two Timer eyeliner on top waterline and eyeliner (smudged as eyeliner)
Eldora lashes: H151
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in shade 233 
Motives Liquid Correction Concealer in Light
Motives Luminous pressed powder in Light/Medium
House Of GlamDolls GlamBase Wheel for contouring and concealing under foundation 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - Fawn, Java, Havana for contour, Banana and Sand for highlight 
Motives blush in Baby Doll
Motives liner in Pink Lady
Illamasqua lipstick Bare

What do you think? Fervent kind of reminds me of an oil slick-y type effect that I quite like.. I used Static as a inner corner colour so you can't see the full beauty of it but I do hope to use it again in another look!

All Illamasqua products can be bought online or at their flagship store in Beak Street and various other retailers.
Hope you liked today's look, let me know if you have any requests <3
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday Takeover: Halima Fashionicide

Hello my lovelies!!

Today I have a special Tuesday Takeover for you from Halima of Fashionicide.
I have loved Halima's blog for a long while now (I currently have serious pastel hair envy!) and I knew when I attended the Illamasqua launch of the To Be Alive collection that Halima would be the perfect person to review the products!

The collection is dominated by the colour blue and comprises of an iridescent lipgloss (Iridesce), a lipstick (Vendetta), an eyeshadow palette (Spirit) and a beautiful iridescent nail polish (Prismatic).

Find out what unicorn princess Halima thought about the lipgloss below and don't forget to follow her blog!



A brand I was so unbelievably hyped up about when they first launched many, many moons ago. Their bold, brash colours and the tagline "Unleash your Alter Ego" appealed to everything I wanted to be. I'm a huge fan of the teal 'Apocalips' lipstick and their 'Infinity' Precision Gel Liner, not to mention their equally beautiful cream blushers.

However last year saw me turn away from Illamasqua. It felt like they were turning their back on everything they knew and chasing those neutrals. Let me be clear, there's nothing wrong with neutrals, but when everyone has their own line packed full of them, they become pretty tedious, pretty fast. So naturally, I lost interest in Illamasqua thinking I'd lost them for good.

And then I saw the delightful Sheenie Sheikh post photos on Instagram of their exciting new collection 'To Be Alive', and my heart began to beat just a little faster - could it be the Illamasqua of old was returning? A bold blue lipstick, a multi-dimensional blue nail polish, an intensely coloured eyeshadow palette and last but most definitely not least, the jewel of the collection - an iridescent lipgloss!!

It was like I'd died and gone to heaven, truly. Illasmasqua were back. And maybe there's something in the name actually, maybe Illamasqua realised the error of their 2014 ways and wanted to announce to the faithful that they had returned, like a phoenix from the eyeshadow palette (or something or other!). They were Alive!

The lovely (and generous) Safiyah kindly sent over the new Shine Lipgloss in Iridesce to me, along with the Prismatic Nail Varnish - I'm just itching to get that on my nails - but when I saw that Iridesce, my eyes lit up. It just looks so stunning in the tube, I quite literally screamed when I first laid eyes upon it!


how pretty!

I'll have to admit here, that I'm not a big fan of lipgloss. I've always felt there's so much more that could be done with them, other than add a little bit of shine, and besides it's all about the mattes for me. But an iridescent lipgloss promises to deliver that little bit extra, to add something to my look and that's what I've always been waiting for. It just has to be mine, and now it is. *evil cackle*


Swatching it reveals a clear lipgloss with tiny little flecks of blue iridescent glitter held within, I was even more excited now! I applied it ontop of my purple lipstick, but it didn't really show. Only when I stood beneath fluorescent lighting could I see little flashes of those tiny blue flecks peering through. Honestly, I was so disappointed. For something that looked so good, I genuinely thought: "What is this shit?"

So I slept on it, let myself cool off after such an almighty disappointment and decided I'd try to apply it over my Lime Crime Velvetine in Black Velvet the next day. WOW. The iridescence was no longer being shy and meekly peeking through. It was positively loud, proud and leaping through, showing it's true beauty!


Illamasqua's promotional material says this stuff glides right onto the lips, which is correct, but I have to say the brush that it comes with is dreadful. For starters, it's far too stiff for a lipgloss brush and secondly it's tapered. I've no idea what the thinking behind this was, it's just problematic all round. A doe-foot applicator or a softer, more fanned out brush would work much better. The stiffness tends to take your lipstick along with it, so I just applied Iridesce on to my own lip brush and applied it that way.


From a distance my lips look piano black with hints of blue, but it's up close where the magic comes to life. Overall, I'm fairly happy with Iridesce. It's definitely a step back in the right direction from Illamasqua, but the execution is lacking a little. On normal coloured lipsticks, it's difficult to notice and borderline impossible to photograph. Inglot's alternative is far superior, showing up on almost any colour.

That being said, Illamasqua are back doing what they do best. The blue lipstick in the 'To Be Alive' looks vibrant, bold and brave, just like it should be. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out again for Illamasqua's future collections, hoping that the colour will keep on coming. 'To Be Alive' is out in the UK on 1st May, and I'll see you there in the queue, elbowing people out of the way to make sure I get my paws on that blue lipstick!

Also, a huge thank you to Safiyah for sending me the goods, and for offering me the chance to guest on her blog! You can follow me on my pursuit for Iridescence over at Fashionicide ;)

Monday, 27 April 2015

Sunday Swatches: Kiko Modern Tribes Collection

I cannot believe it's been a month already since my last blog post, but alas I'm back after a busy month with a review of the new Kiko Modern Tribes Limited Edition Summer Collection.
As you know, Kiko is one of my top ranked brands that I absolutely love; they're priced between drugstore and high end and have amazing dupes for high end and even premium brands a lot of the time for a fraction of the price; if you haven't tried Kiko by now, my posts should have you questioning why!

I was kindly sent a few items from the new Modern Tribes collection (all in luxurious feeling thick cardboard outer packaging) and I've chosen my personal favourites to review below.

Modern Tribe Face Brush
Up until now, I have been religiously using my Illamasqua Blush Up Brush for contouring along with a softer natural brush to blend; if I have more time I will use a further brush for blush application and another brush for applying highlighter to the tops of my cheeks.
This brush has now replaced all 4 of these brushes as it does the contouring, blush, highlighting and blending all in one (when used in conjunction with the Modern Tribes Tri-Bal Soul Baked Blush (reviewed next).
First and foremost, this brush caught my eye straight away for numerous aesthetic reasons:
1) the dark brown wooden handle paired with the brushed gold makes it look uber luxurious 
2) the ergonomic shape of the brush - I knew straight away this would be great for contouring
3) the brush is so dense with super soft synthetic hairs, it literally feels like rubbing a fluffy animal against your skin (if that's your kind of thing!)

Price: The Modern Tribe Face Brush is priced at £14.90, a fraction of the price of my usual face brushes but in no way lacking in usefulness. 

FrootiFactor: My only qualms with this brush is that it's slightly on the larger side for my face; I would recommed this for longer faces as the brush when used vertically/at an angle can cover quite a big surface area, but nothing a foundation brush cant fix from the bottom.
My other qualm is that it's best used with the Tri-Bal Soul Baked Blush (which is also limited edition) so I'm going to need to stock up on another blush if I'm going to use this daily!
However, out of 5 I would still give this brush a 4.5 as it means cutting FOUR brushes into one, and for a mum on the run it's perfect!

Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush  
This blush is more of an all-in-one contour, blush and highlight for me that I've been using every day since I got it, in conjunction with the Modern Tribe Face Brush of course!
These blushes come in three shades, I got the shade "02 Mysterious Earth".

Packaging: The blush is dome shaped and fits perfectly with the Modern Tribe Face Brush. The actual packaging is wooden with a mirror inside the lid and magnetic bits that help the blush and lid stick together (just mind your fingers!) 
Colour & Pigmentation: This "Mysterious Earth" shade has a bronzer type shade at the bottom, a peachy toned pink blush in the middle and a champagne pink type highlighting colour at the top. Pigmentation-wise, they're pretty pigmented pigmented!
Texture: Baked powder.
Longevity: I personally find powder blushes to last long, baked powder blushes somehow last a little longer still.
Scent: A lot of Kiko blushes have a pretty sweet smell, this one smells of vanilla which I personally love.
Price: At £14.90, it's pretty decently priced, considering it's a bronzer, blush and highlighter in one!

FrootiFactor: I personally think this is the best shade of the three available as it is an all in one type blush and best suited to my skin however I do love the scent and would be interested to swatch the coral shade to see how it would look for Summer.
I give this blush a 4.0 as the packaging is slightly chunky to carry and can catch a finger if not careful!

I haven't had the chance to try out the other products just yet but I love the look of the Free Spirit Lips And Cheeks Jumbo Pencil (shade 04 Typical Dahlia pictured above) as well as the luxurious looking Dawn To Dusk Volume Mascara, but I'm waiting to finish my current mountain of mascaras before I try this one!

More products from the collection can be viewed below, aside from the chunkiness of the bronzer and blush packaging, I do love the wooden brown-gold tribal theme!

The Modern Tribes collection can be bought online or in stores in both Westfields and Regent Street.

Which products have caught your eyes? Will you be buying anything from this collection before it sells out? 
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Friday, 27 March 2015

FFF: Teal/Turquoise Makeup Look - Collab with Makeup A to Z

Hi guys! 

This week's FFF features another collab with Tanzina of Makeup A to Z, who chose the theme to be her favourite colour teal/turquoise; I added a hint of purple to the look as I generally love turquoise/teal broken up with purple, so I hope you like!

Products used:

• UDPP & NYX JEP in Milk
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Ebony
Urban Decay Electric Palette - Fringe (eyelid)
• Motives eyeshadows: Whipped Cream (inner corner highlight), Onyx (outer corner), Cappuccino
& Chocolight (crease), Whipped Cream (brow bone), Fantasy (lower lashline)
• MAC Reflects Pigment - Transparent Teal
• Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Electric & Ransom
• Motives Little Black Dress Gel Liner
• Eldora False lashes in H151
• Lenses: Desio Lens in Forest Green
• Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation - 2WN2
House Of GlamDolls GlamBase Wheel for contouring and concealing under foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - Fawn, Java, Havana for contour, Banana and Sand for highlight
Motives Blush in So Peachy
Motives lip liner in Tender
Motives lipstick in Nice

And here's Tanzina's take on the teal/turquoise look:
I absolutely love the combination she used with the royal blue and pink, I've always been a huge fan of brights and this looks stunning on Tanzina.
Be sure to follow her blog for more makeup looks and reviews (www.makeupatoz.com).

Let me know if you're interested in joining in a collab feature, by emailing me (contact@frootibeauty.me.uk)
Hope you liked this weeks look, let me know your thoughts!

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